Monday, January 23, 2012

Week one

I haven’t posted anything since I’ve gotten here because I’ve been busy trying to get adjusted to my Catracho/Honduran lifestyle. Life here has been great so far. The weather is amazing, some sun-some nice breeze. As a group we have been great, I feel like I've lived with Matt and Christina for years. We've cooked some great Italian, American, and Mexican dinners, best combo ever. We’ve been spending a lot of time at the CMP (The Marie Poussepin Center) trying to prepare for the start of the semester. Last Monday we had something similar to a parent-teacher meeting which was exciting. 

-On Saturday we went to the finca (farm) and worked on building a greenhouse, which wasn't easy but definitely alot of fun and a great learning experience. That afternoon we worked on making a little garden in our yard, which was NOT easy. I now have alot of respect for all the farmers out there. 

Christina's face says it all lol

 -Sunday was GTL (gym-tan-laundry) Day. Since we don't have washing machines here we have to wash our cloths by hand on the pila outside. So I was working out by washing my cloths while standing in the sun. The REAL GTL!!
Also the GIANTS WON!!!! yeahh buddyyyy!!!!!!

- Today I finally got my schedule and classes that I will be teaching. I have a class of 11 seventh graders and I will be teaching science, math, technology, and spanish. I got really scared when I opened up the math textbook and realized how much simple math I don't remember. I have alot alot!! of preparing to do before classes officially start next week. I'm pretty overwhelmed with all this but its no big deal because I graduated from Stonehill, at least that's what I keep telling myself lol This is light work for the kid.

 Overall, it was a great week these were just some of the highlights. I will try my best to keep posting as much as I can, just bare with me because blogging is new for me and I apologize for any grammatical and spelling errors and random Bronx slang or just words or phrases that I have made up- I've had enough of worrying about that in college.

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