Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Week 2

One word that summarizes this week is: preparation. Classes for my grade (ciclo 1= equivalent to 7th grade) begins on Wednesday, but for the first few days we’ll just be doing some housekeeping stuff such as introductions, expectations, rules, syllabus and all that good stuff, all which takes a lot of time to prepare for. For the next few days I will be preparing my lesson plans. The one downside in all this is that the textbooks (for lack of a better term) suck. But even worst is that we have to stick with the textbooks because the students will be given a test every month on specific material from the books. I’ve never really thought of how important textbooks are until now. Now I regret all the things I scribbled in my grade school textbooks.
-This week it was made official: I’m going to be teaching soccer!!! For those who really know me, know that soccer is my life. I’m really excited to coach because from what I hear, the girls actually like to play soccer, which makes a major difference.

One of the very first things that came to mind when I accepted the program was that I wouldn’t be in the U.S for the elections. For us (political science majors), watching the elections is like watching the super bowl for football fanatics. I was a bit sad about this but that’s when I decided that I would make it a mission to learn as much as I could about the politics in Honduras. So I began to ask a few random people, but they just gave me a general response, like “its all a big mess”. A few days ago I asked one of the other tutors, Andrea, and she gave a great summary of the current politics. She knew so much about it because of her uncle who was closely involved with President Manuel Zelaya in 2009 during the golpe de estado (Coup d'état). This Saturday I had the luxury to meet him and hear his point of view on the current situation. I am soo happy to have found a Honduran that is as passionate about politics as I am. This one-hour conversation opened up my eyes and explained soo many things about the Honduran culture.

On Wednesday we went to the Basilica de La Virgen de Suyapa in Tegucigalpa. Here are some pictures:

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  1. My favorite line: " For us (political science majors), watching the elections is like watching the super bowl for football fanatics." So awesome ... Great being able to follow your work on here, Alex! Go 'futbol!'