Friday, July 13, 2012


We only have four more months here, which may sound like a lot but considering how fast time goes by here I know it might feel like two weeks. Already this place has changed me in so many ways. I truly wish I were able to come back for another year but loans are holding me back.

One of the best things that has happened is having my mom come down to visit. For those who don’t know, she wasn’t very fond of me coming to Honduras. At first she was completely against it but once she realized that I was going to do it regardless of what she thought she started to slowly accept it. I still remember how hard it was to come here while my whole family was against it. As soon as my mother came into the center she was overwhelmed with the hugs and letters from all the students. She instantly fell in love and a few days later she apologized for telling me that this would be a waste of a year. That’s when I said, “BOOM!” This gave me one of my most “satisfactory moments” of my life, sometimes parents CAN be wrong.

I think she was able to feel a little of what you sometimes feel when volunteering. After sharing with her some background stories of my students, she realized that she might be able to give helpful advice. Coming here she thought that she wouldn’t be much help because she only has a six-grade (Mexican) education and cleans houses for a living. After talking to some of them she realized that they needed some motivation, inspiration, and some awakening. She shared her life story especially how much she struggled to give my brother and I the best education, in hopes that my students would realize the effort and sacrifice that their parents make to have them in this school. It was good to have them hear this from her because the common perception here is that everyone in the states is rich and has an easy life.

I want to take this opportunity to ask for some donations. We’re asking for books! We have many bright students that love to read but unfortunately our book collection is very limited and access to good books in Honduras is extremely difficult. We all know how much reading helps and also how enjoyable it is, so please help my students get the same opportunity! Thank you soo much, to all those that have already donated.

Here is the link to the Amazon account in which shows the books that could be purchased and where to ship them.