Monday, February 13, 2012

One Month Down

By now I’m beginning to get into a good routine. I go to bed at 9pm wake up at 5am, have my first cup of coffee, prepare for classes, eat breakfast, have second cup of coffee and head to the center at 7.

Teaching: So far I’ve given 3 quizzes and my class has Bombed all three. Many of my students have the mentality that it doesn’t matter if they fail or pass because they are used to just being passed to the next grade regardless of their grades. The majority of my class cant do simple math such as adding or multiplying. They can’t even spell some simple words in Spanish such as ciencias (Science). My biggest struggle is motivating and preparing them for the upcoming test (given by the Iher Program- not me). It’s hard to move on with the material, especially in math, when I have to stop and explain stuff they were supposed to have learned in 4th or 5th grade.  As of right now I’m trying to find different approaches on how to get them to learn. 

Synopsis on teaching: Its wayyy easier to be a student than to be a teacher.

I’m beginning to miss some things from home like picking up my sister from school, my mom’s food, shot -gunning a beer with my friends, and washing machines. Doing laundry by hand has led me to conclude that washing machines rule! 

Here are some pictures of my class' first time at the farm: 

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